Carrie A. Manore, PhD

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Hi I'm Carrie.

Center for Computational Science, Tulane University.
My research interests are in mathematical ecology, mathematical epidemiology, and applied mathematics. My primary interests are in multi-scale models of complex disease systems. I am interested in the role of spatial and temporal variability as they affect risk of vector-borne disease spread. Incorporating varying density and diversity of species as well as the effects of climate and land use in models can inform sustainable management of risk for such diseases while increasing general understanding of the systems.

This heterogeneity also poses new and challenging mathematical questions in areas including differential equations, dynamical systems, network theory, and uncertainty quantification. I strongly believe that "biology is mathematics' next physics" (Cohen JE (2004), PLoS Biol 2(12): e439).

I am currently an NSF SEES Fellow at Tulane University studying sustainable management of emerging vector-borne disease. Previously, I worked for 2 years on an interdisciplinary multi-insitution NIH MIDAS team modeling mosquito-borne diseases including Rift Valley fever (see this Tulane Wave article), dengue, West Nile virus and chikungunya.

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  • Center for Computational Science,
  • Stanley Thomas Hall 402
  • 6823 St. Charles Avenue
  • New Orleans, LA 70118